Help with Anxiety, Depression, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder

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Are you struggling with crippling anxiety?

Are you down in the depths with depression, perhaps due to your anxiety?

Let me help you resolve your mental health problems.

How I can help you

My name’s Steve, and I’ve been a shy person all my life, from mild shyness in primary school, to freaking out around my crushes in high school. In university, my shyness got worse, and I started withdrawing from social contact, eating lunch alone.

After I left university, I landed a job as a hardware & software support technician. 

By this time, my shyness was developing into social anxiety.

I didn’t last long in my job. When I was making eye contact with people, it felt like I had cobwebs on my nose which was very irritating and eventually got worse, when the skin of my face started crawling as well. 

I couldn’t bear being around people.

I quit my first job, and withdrew into my bedroom, sad, anxious, rattled.

I felt like I was in a cage.

My friendships withered because I didn’t want to be around my friends, with my symptoms of social anxiety.

Alone and anxious, I grew depressed.

My parents were very concerned, and after 6 months of avoidance, they booked me into a mental health clinic.

There I learned cognitive behavioural therapy, in order to short circuit the symptoms of anxiety.

It worked for my bodily feelings of anxiety – I began feeling less nervous in public, but the cobwebs and crawling face never went away.

I left the clinic feeling less isolated, and got some occupational therapy to help me regain my work confidence.

Luckly, I was accepted into a “peer support program” held by Telstra Desktop Systems – I was to be trained (and supported) to be an IT help desk technician – I was excited, as I didn’t have to have as much face to face contact as my first job.

I excelled at the job.

Those were the best 2 years of my working career, as the management were very well adapted to supporting staff who came from a range of backgrounds.

The Telstra peer support program needs to be reintroduced some day, to enable more people an easier and more supported entry into the workforce.

What happened next?

After 2 years on the job at Telstra, the Telstra management decided to end all contractors’ contracts in Perth, and development a self-help portal for their staff. We were pretty devastated, but I began looking for work.

One thing that helped me

A friend of mine introduced me to the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) test. It was fascinating. The test said I had strong analytical and holistic/creative thinking skills.

This got me thinking.

I knew I had strong analytical skills, from a maths degree, and several years in a technical troubleshooting roll.

But holistic & creative thinking? Wow. I had been interested in art for a long time, but never had the courage to pursue it in a learning environment. i decided to buy a point and shoot camera, and started taking photos. I started out ordinary enough, but found that I could readjust the zoom and content inside the frame of the lens to be more geometrically & aesthetically pleasing. I was a natural. Enthused, I upgraded my camera to a better point and shoot.

Here is a photo I took in the UK, in the Lake District.

Photography training to help with mood

Eventually, I upgraded to a Canon DSLR, and learned how to take HDR photos.

Photography training to help with mood

My advice: find an HBDI consultant, and arrange to take a test with them.

How I would like to help you.

I’d love to help you with your anxiety, or your depression, or both.

I can help you with cognitive behavioural therapy. I can talk to you about persevering with finding the right anti-depressant medication. I found mine and my life has never been the same (in a good way).

Two other diagnoses I can help you with

I’ve also been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, and overcame that through learning to overcome the symptoms of anxiety on my face.

I’m also a voice hearer (the voices are outside my head), and I have come to a much better relationship with the voices I hear. They used to trouble me so much, but now I ask them questions, and I believe their role is to help me develop a better spirituality. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder due the voice hearing.


My rate is $60 / hour.

What else I can help you with

If you’re interested in learning new workplace skills, I can teach you website development, and photography

Contact Steve

Leave a message, and I will be in touch with you either through phone or email (your choice).